I am a mother, a wife and a writer, among other things. My first novella was entitled ‘Oreo’ and was written in crayon, and published by my grandmother when I was 8.

Last year I completed a Ray Bradbury inspired challenge, writing 52 short stories in 52 weeks, and this year I’m working on editing the good ones. I plan to finish in thirty years or so.

All stories and blog posts © 2013-2015 Callie Armstrong


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  1. Oreo sounds really interesting. Is it about the cookie?

      1. calliedeanne says:

        Really. It wasn’t my best work 😉

  2. Callie, hope your story challenge is going well – can’t wait to catch up on the ones so far. I just nominated you for a Liebster Award. If you choose to accept the award, there are instructions here (http://wp.me/p3tK67-9q). If you decide not to that’s completely fine too. Look forward to reading more of your work soon, Nillu

  3. Chrissi Sepe says:

    Sounds great! I could never figure out how Ray could come up with so many brilliant ideas! Best of luck! I’ll be following you on your challenge!

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